Body Basic Programs

All Inclusive Fitness Programs:

My program is set up in four easy steps:

  • Step 1 : Take an inventory of your current health status, fitness level, and  health habits. (includes diet, physical activity, exercise, sleep, and stress
  • Step 2 : Determine your Goal.
  • Step 3 : List action steps towards this goal.
  • Step 4 : Take Action

Registration includes:

  • 1. A one on one 30-minute check in session/ per week with me.
  • 2. Unlimited access to my workouts (live and recorded).
  • 3. Inventory Workbook to determine current habits and beliefs.
  • 4. Visualization journal

6 WEEK Program: $975.00 (paid in full)

6 MONTH Program: $3500.00 (paid in full) or $600/monthly

Group Fitness Exercise Programs and Personal Training:

SIGN-UP for one of the PASS Programs and have unlimited access to all the weekly classes.

6-week PASS: $150.00 (paid in full) or 3 easy payments of $60.00/2-weeks

6-month PASS: $575.00 (paid in full) or 6 easy payments of $105/month